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12 Cool New Water Play Ideas

By elissapeterson

Hot, bored, grumpy. These are the sounds of summer, am I right fellow Mamas? August is sweating on and some of our early favorite summer boredom busters get a little, well, boring. (Gasp. I know.) It’s time for some fresh ideas on how to entertain our youngsters. I’m going out on a limb to ... Read More

5 Ways to Use Fabric Scraps

By elissapeterson

We know them, we hate them. We love to hate them. What are we talking about? Those tiny bits of fabric left over from sewing projects. We hold on to fabric scraps because they might be perfect for something, we feel bad because we’re throwing out perfectly good fabric. Plus some of those patte... Read More

3 Creativity boosters for clever kids

By elissapeterson

  As summer stretches out in front of us, I can already hear the whines of boredom coming from my children. Moan, groan and despair. I love those sounds. I view them as opportunities to engage my youngsters creatively, to invite them to see the world a bit differently for a few moments. Here a... Read More

Promoting Self Esteem through Social Awareness

By elissapeterson

As mamas we all want our kids to grow up to feel good about themselves and have good self esteem. At school and their little sporting events they have praise lavished upon every little effort, as we grownups attempt to make their little lives more meaningful. Sadly our efforts aren’t really en... Read More

New Childrens Books Your Kids Will Fight Over

By elissapeterson

Looking for something new and exciting for your youngster to read? I have a few new books to share with you that my kids and I went a little bonkers for. Disclaimer – I really did read each of these books (most... Read More

Write for us!

By Rachael Herrscher

We are looking for Cleveland moms to blog about local topics they are passionate about. Sample local categories include: Arts Deals and Steals Education Entertainment Family Activities/Places to Go Food/Dining Green Living Health and Fitness Parenting Politics Recreation ... Read More